Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Which Country is more unpopular than Syria in Lebanon? Take a guess. No, it is not Micronesia. Try again. Yes. You guessed right. It is the US. According to a national Zogby poll conducted in Lebanon, US is more opposed than Syria by a sample of the Lebanese population:
Roles of Countries or Organizations in Lebanon (%)
All: Support/oppose
United States 30/69
Syria 37/61
Hizballah 74/23
France 45/54
United Nations 53/45
The rest of the poll verifies my assumptions about the Lebanese population and its orientations. You will find that the Sunnis' are not that far from Shi`ite orientations. The composition of the opposition becomes clear, in sectarian and political terms. You judge for yourselves. But I am hearing from Lebanon that Lebanese Sunnis are increasingly disgusted with right-wing sectarian Maronite forces, like Lebanese Forces, Gemayyels, and `Awnis. It think that this explains the speech that Strida Ja`ja` made a few days ago, in which she sounded like a Lebanese Ba`thist. (thanks Laurie)